Caravan holiday

4 Essentials you need to have with you before going on a Caravan holiday.


Caravans are an excellent way to travel, but they can be expensive to buy, maintain and upgrade. Because of this, you must have all the essentials in your caravan on holidays, so you don’t spend unnecessarily on those things later. And you certainly don’t want your caravan holiday to be ruined due to lack of some essentials.

Caravan steps

Caravan steps are a must-have for anyone who enjoys caravanning. It’s perfect for getting in and out of the caravan but also serves other functions, such as levelling it when you are setting up camp. It still has some limitations. For example, if you’re parked on a steep slope, then the steps may need to be able to bring your caravan up enough for you to get in or out of it easily. This means you’ll need another way to get inside without damaging yourself or your equipment. It is an excellent tool for anyone who loves camping and is easy to use.

Toilet chemicals

A chemical toilet is one of the most important things you will need in your caravan. You will likely find one that you can use on-site, but if not, you may have to buy one and bring it with you. Chemical toilets should be used for at most two days without being emptied and cleaned out. This can be done by adding more chemicals or water to the toilet until it is empty.

TV and aerial

To get digital TV reception, you need a digital-ready TV and aerial. Digital TV signals are broadcast in line of sight, so you must have a suitable aerial for your area. Analogue aerials will not work with digital boxes, so if you have one, contact the manufacturer to find out whether they offer an upgrade option or a replacement kit. When choosing an aerial, look for one that covers all the major channels available in your area and make sure an independent lab has tested it with verification certificates showing its performance on specific frequencies over particular areas relevant to where you live or plan to travel. You can also use satellite dishes as aerials but check they are suitable for terrestrial reception before purchasing one as some are designed for satellite use only and cannot pick up free-to-air (FTA) channels off the air like most good quality indoor/outdoor antennas do

Water filter

The water filter should be fitted to the water supply. There are two types of filters available:

  • A tap-mounted filter can be attached directly to your caravan’s kitchen sink, bathroom taps and showerhead. These filters use a combination of granular activated carbon (GAC) and polyphosphate media, which removes contaminants from drinking water by mechanically trapping them in their pores. Some filters also contain silver ions as an additional anti-bacterial agent.
  • A tank-mounted filter inside your caravan’s freshwater storage tank removes bacteria and other contaminants before they enter the tank.

 A caravan is a great way to travel with your family or friends and enjoy the joys of exploring new places. Just remember to carry the essentials like the caravan steps, toilet chemicals, etc. This will save time and money when setting up camp and getting the most from your time off.

If you’ve never travelled in a caravan before, it’s worth trying one out before you invest in one for good—you’ll soon realise how much fun it can be!

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