500 million dollars


The total cost of a single human life is around 3.5 billion dollars. The cost of a human life from all causes is estimated at around 2.5 billion dollars.

To put that in perspective, that’s less than the cost of a single car.

A person can be killed by a car accident, drowning, and electrocution. All of these can be prevented if a car, a bicycle, or a jet plane crashes into them. And if you really want to go the whole ‘car versus human’ thing, look at the cost of the car versus the plane versus the jet plane versus the helicopter… all the costs of each of these things have been reduced by almost 500 billion dollars in the last 20 years.

There has always been a bit of a divide between the rich and the poor. But the biggest divide is between rich and poor people. The rich have all the money, the money that can be used for anything they want, and the power to decide what goes on the rest of us. The poor are the ones in the middle. They are the ones without the money and power or the desire for it, but they are at least as well off as the rich.

But as the saying goes, “You can’t eat the rich.” The poor are the ones who can’t afford it. The rich, however, are the ones who can eat the rich. As a result, these billionaires have become the modern-day kings of the world. They spend millions to get a small apartment in the Hamptons, vacation at the exclusive Martha Stewart Hotel, and vacation in an airy villa in the Riviera.

It’s very easy to get a big house. But the difference between the super rich and the average Joe isn’t just an amount of money. It’s a lifestyle. Take a look at the homes of the richest 1% of all people in the US, and compare it with the average Joe. The average Joe lives in a small studio apartment in Manhattan.

The super rich live in gigantic mansions in the Hamptons. The average Joe lives in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. But that doesnt mean that the average Joe is living that way. In fact, the average Joe has a good chunk of his income coming from a different source than the super rich. He has money from being a stay at home dad, a lot of money from being an entrepreneur, money he’s been saving, and money he’s been spending on his personal appearance.

The super rich in America are not living in mansions in the Hamptons or on the Upper East Side. They live in gated communities, apartments in Manhattan or Brooklyn, yachts, mansions, and islands in the Caribbean. And its a small island that is being watched 24/7 by a satellite. The average Joe is not living in an island in the Caribbean. In fact, he is living in a huge apartment on the Upper East Side.

Just to make sure you’re not too lazy to watch your money go in and out in the streets of your neighborhood, I would like to go and talk to a representative of the United Nations of Haiti and to see if she is currently living in the island.

It is a small island that is being watched by two satellites, and the average Joe is not living on this island. In fact, he is living in a huge apartment on the Upper East Side.

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