6 Romantic Things To Do In Sarasota, Florida


Florida’s cultural and artistic capital, Sarasota, offers a great place to spend romantic time with your partner. From beaches and museums to stunning hotel locations, Sarasota will leave you mesmerized with its beauty.

One of the most happening locations in Sarasota is Siesta Key Beach. Book your accommodation with reliable booking sites. The advanced search filters will help you locate different Siesta Key hotels, which you will love, and will be able to enjoy the beachy vibe throughout your stay.

Siesta Key is the most recommended place to stay in Florida. It is no surprise that the tourist count is more than 3,50,000 every year. It is ideal for a group of friends and couples wanting to have a great time together.

There are many romantic locations and things to do in Sarasota. Keep reading to know more.

1.Watch Sunset at Siesta Key Beach

Ranked as the number one beach in the US by one of the leading magazines in 2017, Siesta Key Beach has everything. The crystal clear water, powdery white sand, and the perfect beach waves make it the cleanest and a happening place in Florida. The white sand is because of quartz, which allows the sand to stay cool even on the hottest day. Take a walk or spend the whole day on this beach with your partner and watch the setting sun together. It will be an experience that will be unforgettable as a couple.

2. Go out For Romantic Dinners

There has been a 20% rise in tourist visits in 2021 in the beach city of Siesta Key in Sarasota. When it comes to delicious food, Sarasota has it all. You can savor Sarasota’s delectable cuisines.

Schedule a tour when you and your significant other want to have a memorable dining experience, a romantic night out, or you want to spend time eating and hanging around.

Sarasota has unlimited retro places to explore. Alternatively, take a stroll in Sarasota’s downtown.

3. Visit The Ringling

The best exhibit of artworks in the American Southeast is found in the Ringling National art gallery of European paintings. The whole collection was put together between 1925 and 1936 by circus tycoon, businessman, art collector, and most significant fan of American culture John Ringling. This museum is an exhibition of his sense of style. The Ringling is rated as one of the most visited sites in Sarasota and an excellent place to explore the artistic side of Florida.

4. Stroll through the Bayfront Park

Situated near the Ringling Bridge, the Bayfront Park offers a spectacular experience for nature lovers. There is nothing that can match the calm and picturesque beauty of this garden. Surrounded by beautiful tall trees and a lake in the middle, this area provides the perfect setup for a romantic date night or leisure time with your partner. You can take advantage of surrounding restaurants and cafes and enjoy live performances, which are open and available throughout the week.

5. Bike Rides

According to the locals and tourists guides, spring is the best time to visit the beachy Siesta Key of Sarasota when the temperature is not more than 80 degrees. Take a bike tour around the beach area with your partner and experience the calm wind and water. For travelers, Siesta Key hotels offer the perfect place to stay because it has beach-facing accommodation options, and you can visit the beach anytime.

6. Stay at Beachfront Resort

Sarasota is the perfect destination for couples and families who want to enjoy the country’s calm and city vibes. More than 50% of hotels in Siesta Key are beach-facing and offer the perfect place for you and your partner to stay comfortably. Book a beach-facing resort or a suite and enjoy the awesome vibe of the site. There are almost 15 public beaches in Siesta Key. So getting a suitable beachfront hotel will not be a problem.



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