abu fazal


the word abu, نائج ، means “the abode of worship” in Arabic. The word fazal, فشله, meaning “to worship”, is also used in the Arabic language. In this meaning of the word is a noun, a noun is a noun, so it literally means “the abode of worship”.

The word abu in the Arabic language is a verb. For example, in this example, “abu” is a verb and the word abu is used to refer to the day of worship.

Abu fazal is a day of worship on the island of Blackreef. It has no real religious significance. But it should be used to refer to the island because it is the island where the Visionaries live. According to the plot, the Visionaries were once powerful but have since lost their powers and now live on Blackreef in a state of chaos.

We can guess that the Visionaries have lost their powers because they have been on the island for a while, so it’s obvious that something bad has happened. Of course, it’s unclear exactly what the Visionaries are losing their powers for, so it’s possible that they’re not losing their powers at all.

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