Tilt and Turn Windows

Everything You Should Know About Tilt and Turn Windows


You have a lot of scope for experimentation when window replacement in your home is concerned. Several new models and window types have been introduced in recent years with endless customisation options. Among them, tilt and turn windows have become the most preferred choice for homeowners who want durability and high performance. These windows are one of the best-kept architectural secrets that improve aesthetics and property value. So, if you are wondering if these windows will be the perfect replacement for your traditional windows, you may learn a bit more about them in detail. So, read the following section for more.

How Do They work?

A tilt-and-turn window is operated in three positions, and each position offers specific benefits. They are:


With the turned feature, you have a fully opening aperture that makes cleaning both outside and inside of the window easy, eliminating the need to lean out or climb up a ladder. This position can also serve as an escape route in cases of emergency.


When you turn the window handle to 180 degrees, the window tilts inwards, forming a 10cm aperture. This position can be best for the summers when you need to let the fresh air pass through the room without the risks of your children’s fingers getting trapped in it or them falling out of the windows.


Traditional windows are susceptible to water and air leakage as they don’t have the flock locking and perimeter clipping system. Tilt and turn windows have almost invisible hinges that ensure airtightness, keeping your house warm during winter.

What Are the Benefits of These Windows? 

1. Ventilation

A tilt-and-turn window can offer varied forms of ventilation. The tilt feature is perfect for top ventilation allowing the hot air to escape quickly. It also prevents strong winds from entering the room. With the turn function, however, you can create ample airflow and maximum ventilation. Therefore, you can use the dual option to precisely control weather conditions. 

2. Easy to clean

Window cleaning is very rarely easy. You can clean the exterior effortlessly when you place the window in the turn position. Hence, with a simple turn of the handle, your seasonal chore can become a part of normal maintenance.

3. More secure

The functionality of a tilt-turn window depends on solid internal hardware consisting of multiple locking points. Furthermore, the in-swing hinges offer increased security to prevent it from getting pulled or forced open from the outside. 

4. Aesthetics

The options are limitless with these windows. Slender frames, clean lines, a range of handle options and designer finishes are the most popular choices that lend a modern and in-demand aesthetic, elevating your space and increasing your home’s overall value. 

5. Hidden Sash

A hidden sash style can be the best choice if you like a minimalistic appeal. These frames mimic the look of fixed windows, providing the functionality of fully operable windows. It makes the architectural lines consistent with frames irrespective of the window type.

6. Works for Large Windows

You don’t have to feel hindered by the size as you get numerous options for large windows. The size of operable windows may be as large as 32 square feet. With large expanses of glass and double and triple-pane glazing, you get adequate temperature control and comfort all year round.

Tilt and turn features are the most sought choice for windows in modern homes. While these windows are a bit more expensive than traditional and hybrid ones, their complex operating mechanisms improve security, safety and energy efficiency, giving a good bang for your money in the long run. 

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