how to set wallpaper on whatsapp home screen


I am a huge fan of setting wallpaper on whatsapp home screen. I can really change the mood of the room or take a photo and have it set to the wallpaper that I want.

I don’t know about you, but I want to set it to my wallpaper because it looks gorgeous when I want or am on the go. I’m sure you have an app on your phone that is able to do this too, but I’m not sure if there is one for Whatsapp. The reason for that is because some of the screens on your phone are not optimized to use Whatsapp’s wallpaper, so the app may just hang.

If you have an app that can set wallpaper on your phone you can use this guide to find out if it works. As for me, this guide should be the key.

I’ve been playing with it and it seems to work fine. In fact I have an app that I use to set my wallpaper, but I have not used it yet. I hope it works, I hope Whatsapp is not just hanging.

It works. I was playing around with it a little bit and I found the wallpaper to work just fine on my phone. I believe that it is a bit buggy though. It seems to hang sometimes and when it does it seems to lose the background. To fix this I would open the Whatsapp app and then when you click on the screen you can click on the setting and change it to something that you want.

The app I use is actually a small bit of software, but I think it is the same one that the Whatsapp team has been using for a while. It seems to work really well. I can’t tell you how many times I have had an app that doesn’t work on my phone, so I guess I should have a quick word with the Whatsapp team. I will update this article in the near future.

Sure, you can change what’s displayed in the WhatsApp settings by clicking on the screen at the top of the window. Personally, I use a customised version of this software that I created myself. I like using it because it allows me to tailor the app for my own needs, so that the app looks great on my device and I can change the wallpaper easily.

The best wallpaper is the one that reflects the person in the picture. It’s not the wallpaper that reflects the person, but rather their image. If I have a picture of myself and I want to change the wallpaper to something that reflects my personality, I can’t do that with my custom software as it only allows me to change the wallpaper. I have to use a third party software to create the image and then change the wallpaper with that image.

One of the best things that you can do to change the wallpaper, is set the wallpaper to your default setting. This is simple and works for any sort of wallpaper. I use this method to change the wallpaper whenever I log into whatsapp.

The problem with that is that the default wallpaper is set by your computer, and it won’t be the same one you have set. You can use this method to set the wallpaper for any wallpaper that you have set up for your phone, tablet, or computer. The only thing you need to do is to log into your messenger application and then go to settings and set the default wallpaper to your desired wallpaper. That’s it.

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