Is Gojo Dead?

Gojo Industries is a well-known company that specializes in manufacturing hand hygiene and skin care products. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of hand hygiene has been emphasized like never before. However, there have been rumors circulating about the death of Gojo, leaving many people wondering if this iconic brand is indeed dead. In this article, we will delve into the truth behind these rumors and explore the current state of Gojo Industries.

The Legacy of Gojo Industries

Before we address the rumors, let’s take a moment to appreciate the legacy of Gojo Industries. Founded in 1946 by Jerry and Goldie Lippman, Gojo started as a small family-owned business in Akron, Ohio. The company initially produced a heavy-duty hand cleaner for industrial workers, known as Gojo® Orange. Over the years, Gojo expanded its product line to include hand sanitizers, soaps, and other skin care products.

Gojo’s breakthrough came in 1988 with the introduction of Purell®, a hand sanitizer that revolutionized the way people practiced hand hygiene. Purell quickly gained popularity and became a household name, especially during flu seasons and other outbreaks. Gojo Industries became synonymous with hand hygiene, and its products were trusted by millions around the world.

The Rise of the Rumors

Despite Gojo’s long-standing success, rumors about the company’s demise have been circulating on social media platforms and online forums. These rumors gained traction due to various factors, including:

  • Increased competition: With the surge in demand for hand sanitizers and other hygiene products during the pandemic, numerous new players entered the market. This heightened competition led to speculation about Gojo’s ability to maintain its market share.
  • Supply chain challenges: Like many other companies, Gojo faced supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic. This resulted in occasional shortages of Purell and other products, leading some to believe that the company was struggling.
  • Misinformation: In the age of social media, misinformation spreads rapidly. False claims and baseless rumors can easily gain traction, causing confusion and doubt.

The Truth Behind the Rumors

Contrary to the rumors, Gojo Industries is not dead. In fact, the company is alive and thriving. Let’s examine the evidence:

1. Financial Performance

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Gojo Industries has maintained a strong financial position. According to the company’s latest financial reports, Gojo experienced a significant increase in revenue in 2020 compared to previous years. This growth can be attributed to the heightened demand for hand hygiene products.

2. Market Share

While it is true that Gojo faced increased competition during the pandemic, the company has managed to retain a significant portion of the market share. Purell continues to be a leading brand in the hand sanitizer market, with a loyal customer base and widespread distribution.

3. Innovation and Expansion

Gojo Industries has not been resting on its laurels. The company has continued to innovate and expand its product offerings. In response to the pandemic, Gojo introduced new hand sanitizers with higher alcohol content and developed touchless dispensing systems to promote contactless hand hygiene.


Q1: Are there any plans for Gojo to expand into new markets?

A1: Yes, Gojo Industries has expressed its intention to expand into new markets. The company is actively exploring opportunities in the healthcare sector, as well as international markets where there is a growing demand for hand hygiene products.

Q2: How has Gojo Industries contributed to the fight against COVID-19?

A2: Gojo has played a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19 by providing essential hand hygiene products to healthcare facilities, businesses, and individuals. The company has ramped up production to meet the increased demand and has donated millions of dollars’ worth of Purell products to frontline workers.

Q3: What steps has Gojo taken to ensure the safety and quality of its products?

A3: Gojo Industries follows strict quality control measures to ensure the safety and efficacy of its products. The company adheres to FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to maintain the highest standards of quality. Gojo also conducts regular testing and monitoring to ensure product integrity.

Q4: How has Gojo Industries addressed the supply chain challenges during the pandemic?

A4: Like many companies, Gojo faced supply chain disruptions during the pandemic. However, the company quickly adapted by implementing contingency plans and collaborating with suppliers to mitigate the impact. Gojo also increased production capacity and streamlined distribution to meet the heightened demand.

Q5: What is the future outlook for Gojo Industries?

A5: The future looks promising for Gojo Industries. With the increased focus on hand hygiene and the ongoing threat of infectious diseases, the demand for Gojo’s products is expected to remain strong. The company’s commitment to innovation and expansion positions it well for continued success.


Despite the rumors circulating about the death of Gojo Industries, the company is very much alive and thriving. Gojo has a rich legacy, a strong financial position, and a loyal customer base. The rumors can be attributed to increased competition, supply chain challenges, and misinformation. Gojo Industries continues to innovate, expand, and contribute to the fight against COVID-19. As we navigate the new normal, Gojo’s commitment to hand hygiene remains unwavering, ensuring a healthier and safer future for all.