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Here in the great state of Kerala, the alcohol ban, or the Kerala Alcohol Prohibition Act of 1987 has led many to change their ways. In fact, after many years of trying, I am now legally able to drink alcohol in my own home.

As such, the law has helped to bring a change to the way that most people live. It is not just the state’s laws that have changed, but also the way people live outside of the state of Kerala. For the first time in years, I can now drive my car without worrying about people tailgating me, or being rude to me.

One of the things the ban has had on people’s minds is the question of what to do with the liquor they have. While the ban is not as strict as the alcohol ban in some countries, there is still a lot of liquor available in Kerala. This is something that many people still don’t know because liquor is legally sold in the open.

I can go into some detail about the legal booze situation in Kerala, but it’s not necessary since I think it’s interesting enough to share with you. Most of the liquor in the state of Kerala is produced by the local government and they have to ask permission from the local people before selling it. If you think about this, it makes sense, because if you are looking to buy a few bottles of liquor from a local government, you would think that you would ask for permission first.

I think the same logic applies to the alcohol ban in Kerala. It’s a law that is meant to protect local government and its employees from being in business and it makes sense why the state government would want to ban it.

The alcohol ban in Kerala was introduced in the year 1998 and its purpose is to protect the local government from being in business and to protect the local people from the alcohol-related diseases. The law is there to protect the local people from harm and to protect the government employees from being in business. Hence, the law does not really promote the local business or protect the local people from alcohol-related diseases. It is more of a protection measure against alcohol misuse and it is a good law.

Because of alcohol ban in Kerala, there are many people who are now avoiding drinking alcohol and this has caused a huge problem in the state. We have to take very serious note of this fact.

The Kerala State government has now banned the sale of alcohol in all shops and establishments, including pubs, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. No alcohol can be sold in any of the aforementioned establishments. This is an effective move to protect the local people and the government employees from being in business with alcohol.

The ban is a good step to take and will certainly help us save a lot of money in our restaurant bill. It will also help the government reduce the number of people who drink alcohol, as well as their traffic problems.

The ban has been in effect since January 1st, as alcohol has been banned from many restaurants in Kerala. The ban is intended to stop drunken customers from getting into trouble. They will still be able to get into trouble if they leave their drinks unattended, but they won’t be able to get into trouble if they’re in the wrong part of the city.

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