land acquisition bill 2015


The Land Acquisition Bill of 2015, which was introduced in congress on 7th of June, 2015, passed committee on 10th of November, 2015, is currently in the senate and is expected to come before the house as soon as the budget of congress is passed by the end of January, 2016. The bill was introduced by senator from india, john kerry, and aims to make sure that the land acquisition process is fair and balanced.

The bill’s purpose is to have land owners be compensated for the use of their land. Currently, land owners are paid for land use rights they’ve acquired with taxes or eminent domain. The bill would add a few more steps and require land owners to make sure that they get fair compensation for their land.

Most of us are familiar with the land acquisition process, but it’s not something I’ve ever seen described as fair or balanced. Land owners are compensated for use through the process of taxing or eminent domain, after which they are compensated for the use of their land through the process of property taxes. It’s a process with some inequities.

I think its worth considering that this bill is designed to make sure that the government takes a percentage of the value of the land. At a bare minimum the government will be compensated for the costs of their land acquisition process. The government could decide to take on the entire value of the land, and force the owners to pay for it in its entirety. The problem is that if they take on the entire value of the land then why are the government offering to sell the land for a lower price.

As an alternative, the government could decide to purchase the land for a lower price and hold it forever. This means the government would make money only by selling the land to someone else. But this is a bad way to run an economy. The government has to take a cut of the land’s value, not just the land itself, and when the government sells the land to someone else they pay taxes on the land.

This is a tax we pay through the land we use to live on. We are buying the land for the use of the owner. If the government wants to sell the land to us they would have to make it so we did not use the land for its purpose. The government could make the same promise to a company that wants to buy the land, but then the government would have to pay for the land itself.

This is also why we need to get rid of the land-value tax. The land-value tax is a tax that is levied on the land itself and the taxes we pay on our home. It taxes our home because we are making our home our home. The land-value tax is only used to buy the land, not to fix it. That means that we are paying more than we should for the real estate, and thus the taxes we are paying.

The land-value tax is a tax that is levied on the land itself and the taxes we pay on our home.

Just because we have to pay it doesn’t mean we should. Land is not just for sale. Land is a resource that we have an interest in. As you can see in our own home, the land we own is the same property we used to live in. As such, the land we own is a “capital asset,” and thus the land-value tax is a tax on the land itself, not on us.

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