The Lyrics to “Poco Loco” in English: A Captivating Journey into the Meaning and Significance


Music has the power to transcend language barriers and evoke emotions that words alone cannot express. One such song that has captured the hearts of millions is “Poco Loco” from the animated film “Coco.” Originally sung in Spanish, the lyrics to “Poco Loco” have been translated into English, allowing a wider audience to connect with its beautiful message. In this article, we will delve into the meaning and significance of the lyrics to “Poco Loco” in English, exploring the emotions it conveys and the cultural context behind it.

The Story Behind “Poco Loco”

Before we dive into the lyrics, let’s take a moment to understand the story behind “Poco Loco.” The song is featured in the 2017 Disney-Pixar film “Coco,” which tells the tale of a young boy named Miguel who dreams of becoming a musician despite his family’s ban on music. Set in Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebration, the film explores themes of family, heritage, and the power of music.

“Poco Loco” is performed by the character Miguel, voiced by actor Anthony Gonzalez, as he embarks on a journey to find his idol, the late musician Ernesto de la Cruz. The song captures Miguel’s excitement and determination as he follows his passion, despite the obstacles he faces along the way.

The Lyrics to “Poco Loco” in English

Now, let’s take a closer look at the lyrics to “Poco Loco” in English:

What color is the sky?

Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor

You tell me that it’s red

Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor

Where should I put my shoes?

Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor

You say, “Put them on your head!”

Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor

The lyrics to “Poco Loco” are simple yet profound. They capture the playful banter between Miguel and his great-grandmother Coco, who playfully teases him with nonsensical answers to his questions. The repetition of “Ay, mi amor” adds a touch of endearment and affection to the song, emphasizing the strong bond between Miguel and his family.

The lyrics also highlight the theme of following one’s passion, even in the face of opposition. Miguel’s determination to pursue his dreams is evident in lines like “Where should I put my shoes?” and the response “Put them on your head!” This playful exchange symbolizes the unconventional path Miguel is willing to take to achieve his goals.

The Emotions and Cultural Significance

“Poco Loco” is not just a catchy tune; it also evokes a range of emotions and carries cultural significance. Let’s explore some of these emotions and the cultural context behind the song:

1. Joy and Excitement

The upbeat melody and lively rhythm of “Poco Loco” instantly uplift the spirits of listeners. The song radiates joy and excitement, mirroring Miguel’s enthusiasm as he embarks on his musical journey. The lyrics, combined with the energetic music, create a sense of celebration and anticipation.

2. Love and Connection

The repeated phrase “Ay, mi amor” in the lyrics conveys a deep sense of love and connection. It reflects the affectionate bond between Miguel and his family, particularly his great-grandmother Coco. The song reminds us of the importance of cherishing our loved ones and the support they provide in pursuing our dreams.

3. Cultural Identity

“Poco Loco” is deeply rooted in Mexican culture, as it is set during the Day of the Dead celebration. The lyrics, although seemingly nonsensical, capture the essence of Mexican humor and playfulness. The song celebrates the vibrant traditions and customs of Mexico, allowing audiences to connect with the rich cultural heritage of the country.


1. What is the meaning of “Poco Loco” in English?

The phrase “Poco Loco” translates to “a little crazy” in English. It represents the unconventional and passionate nature of Miguel’s pursuit of his dreams.

2. Who sings “Poco Loco” in the movie “Coco”?

The character Miguel, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, sings “Poco Loco” in the movie “Coco.”

3. What is the significance of the Day of the Dead celebration in “Coco”?

The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican holiday that honors and remembers deceased loved ones. In “Coco,” the celebration serves as a backdrop for the story, emphasizing the importance of family and heritage.

4. How does “Poco Loco” contribute to the overall message of “Coco”?

“Poco Loco” reinforces the film’s message of following one’s passion and staying true to oneself. It encourages viewers to embrace their dreams, even when faced with obstacles.

5. Are there any other notable songs in the movie “Coco”?

Yes, “Coco” features several other memorable songs, including “Remember Me” and “The World Es Mi Familia.” These songs, like “Poco Loco,” contribute to the emotional depth and cultural richness of the film.


The lyrics to “Poco Loco” in English capture the essence of Miguel’s journey in the film “Coco.” The playful banter, joyful melody, and cultural significance make this song a beloved part of the movie. Through its lyrics, “Poco Loco” conveys emotions of joy, love, and excitement, while also celebrating Mexican culture and the importance of following one’s dreams. So, next time you listen to “Poco Loco,” let the music transport you to the vibrant world of “Coco” and remind you of the power of pursuing your passions, no matter how “poco loco” they may seem.

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