On top of the pav4n site for Windows XP users, we also have a Windows Vista user portal. This site is meant to help you figure out your Vista/Windows 7 needs and what you need from your desktop: Windows desktop, Windows Explorer, and Windows 7.

This is great. I love it. The site is a little tricky though, because the VistaWindows 7 site has the same set of links for VistaWindows 7 users as the Windows XP site. This makes things somewhat confusing because, as it turns out, VistaWindows 2007 users can access both VistaWindows 7 and Windows 7 sites (and vice versa), but Windows XP users have to stick to one site to get help.

This is cool. My guess is that Windows 7 users will have to be willing to give Windows 7 an honest look before going into the shop. But, of course, this will be an easy thing to do.

I’m not sure what’s going on here. I was under the impression that VistaWindows 2007 had its own site, but VistaWindows 7 apparently doesn’t, so how can it be different? My guess is that this is a site to help VistaWindows 7 users figure out if they need a new computer or not. A lot of VistaWindows 7 users may have downloaded the free VistaWindows 7 trial, which should have given them a taste for what VistaWindows 7 has to offer.

VistaWindows 7 is not an “upgrade” to Windows Vista. It’s just a new version of Windows that’s designed to be better optimized for your computer. We’ve all heard of VistaWindows 7, but that doesn’t mean that VistaWindows 7 users have to upgrade.

Well, this is a site that I actually want the people who run VistaWindows 7 to know about. Thats basically all that needs to be said. As I’m sure you can imagine, VistaWindows 7 is not a Windows 7 Upgrade.

In short, VistaWindows 7 is a new version of the operating system that can perform the tasks of a modern computer. This means that VistaWindows 7 is essentially a modern version of Windows XP and Windows 7. It may not be the prettiest thing around, but its still a darn fine computer under the hood.

The Windows 7 upgrade is a two step process. First, the user will need to be running Windows 7. Second, the user will need to be running Windows 7.1, or Windows 8.1, the latest version of Windows. VistaWindows 7 is a brand new OS, with its own installer. It’s still in beta and will take quite a while for you to get your hands on it.

Windows 7 is a pretty recent upgrade, and even if you don’t have a Windows 7 license you can still upgrade to Windows 7.1 (Windows 8.1) if you want. It’s a pretty new OS too, and not a whole lot of people are using it anymore.

Windows 7 is definitely a new OS, but as you can see from the screenshot above, you can upgrade just about anywhere. The problem is most Windows 7 users are running Windows 7.1 so most of the people out there are using it for their personal computers. The problem with Windows 8.1 is that Windows 8.1 is a beta OS so it’s not officially supported on Windows 8.1 systems. If you want Windows 8.

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