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I am a single bachelor. I found myself in a position where I had to decide whether I was going to move into a small house or a nice one in a nice area. Since living alone feels like I am living in an apartment and I have a decent amount of space and money, I decided to go with a small space.

The move was a bit of a shock since I’m used to living in two or three bedrooms. For the small house, I decided to go with a smaller house instead of a large one to save money so I would have more room to store my stuff. As it turned out, the small house is more comfortable. Sure, it lacks the luxury of a large one, but it does have a ton of storage space.

This is why I recommend you to try out small spaces. The price tag that you pay for a large space is usually more than you can afford if you live like a bachelor. Single people don’t have that kind of money and can get by on very little.

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