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I’m not really a fan of data breaches, but I hate the idea of them making me less informed. After all, I can still watch Netflix without having to think about whether I want to check my phone or not. I can still buy a new phone knowing full well that my credit will be fine. And since the whole point of data breaches is that I’m able to take advantage of them, I should be able to take advantage of them too.

This is not true. I mean, I could definitely say that I have a credit or debit card and I could also say I have a stored credit/debit card. But, no, I can’t even go to a store that has a store card without having to enter my name and address. This is why data breaches are just a big inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.

It is a fact that tmobile has a lot of data on me. I use their service on a regular basis. They use my personal information all the time, including to create accounts on my behalf. You might be able to get away with using the exact same personal information on multiple accounts, but when you have to enter information for multiple accounts, it is just a big hassle.

I have used tmobile for quite a while, and even though I have a contract for a certain period of time, I have had to repeat this process every time I wanted to add a new device. I think this is a problem in general because it’s a huge inconvenience for everyone.

That being said, the reason you’d see me on the internet at all is because I have the ability to do so. I have a tmobile account, and I have all the necessary personal information to do so, and I used to have to enter it all over. But that is a small part of the issue. The bigger issue is that my tmobile has the ability to track every single thing that I do on it, and I’m not aware of this.

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