twins in japanese


This is a very rare occasion when two people are born with the same name, but they are two different people.

A few days later, they meet at a bar and both of them have a very similar name.

“Mukuro,” they call each other. It’s strange how they got the same name, since they’ve never met.

The name’s Japanese for twins, since both of them have the same surname.

I thought I was going to be the only one reading about this, but as the new trailer showed, Tokyo is a very popular city in Japan. You can find Tokyo in Japan and as a tourist attraction in other countries. There are lots of places in Japan where you can buy twin packs with some of the most popular tourist attractions or even in some locations you can buy twin packs of popular restaurants or shops in your own city.

Okay, this one is a little more vague, but it basically states that twins are similar in body and mind, although they’re still clearly different. So in other words, if twins are identical, then how would they still be different? Well, here’s how it works. Twins are very similar in body and mind, but they’re still clearly different.

As a side note, the fact that twins are so similar to each other is apparently why there are so many twins in the world! Some people believe that the two people who share the same DNA are really twins.

This is a common belief in the human world as well. It’s probably why the vast majority of people in the world are twins. In fact, the twins in the universe would likely be identical because theyre so similar to each other.

It’s also a fact that twins are genetically unique, and that means there are not many other people that share the same DNA as two people. This is why there are so many twins in the world. So far, there seems to be about 2,000 twins in the United States. Maybe more like 10,000 or even 20,000.

You might be wondering, “what about the other 2,000,000 pairs?” Well, theyre not all identical and theyre not all twins. The vast majority of the twins are just like the way we are. For example, we are not all identical… well, we are not really. We are more like “double-teams”.

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