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Atma is the fifth layer of the subtle energy body that is the second chakra. It is located at the base of the spine and is the seat of our consciousness. Atma helps move our consciousness from a physical place to a more spiritual place.

Atma is the seat of our consciousness. Many people think that it’s not part of their physical body, but it’s actually a part of their energy body. They are unaware of it because they don’t know what it is. It is located at the top of the spine and is where our consciousness is created.

Atma is a subtle energy body, like our brain, but without our brain, mind, and emotions. Instead, Atma is the seat of our consciousness. You can think of it as our heart of the body. It’s where everything that is connected to the physical body, our emotions, thoughts, memories, and our beliefs are stored. It is part of our unconscious mind that is responsible for keeping the physical body alive. It’s also a part of our physical body.

The main goal here is to create the world that feels like it’s there. That’s where your consciousness and emotions are stored and you can feel their energy in your body. The brain, mind, and emotions in Atma are what make it feel as if there’s a physical body that you have created. You can feel them in your body as much as you can in your mind. You can feel their energy as your heart and mind.

For some, this is extremely difficult. We call it the “mind/body” divide because the mental part of the mind makes it seem like there is a physical body. For our purposes though, this is not as difficult as some people might think. We use body language to communicate with the computer and with other people. The way we say things makes a difference. As a general rule, a person who talks more or less clearly uses fewer consonants than a person who uses less.

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