whatsapp hacked in india 2020


The news this morning was that whatsapp is hacked in india. The news says that they are asking for help from their users to identify a pattern of suspicious traffic that may be related to the hack. The news says that the hack has been going undetected for 3 months and is now impacting the number of whatsapp users globally.

As you may have heard, WhatsApp has been hacked in a number of countries in one of the most devastating attacks in the history of the company. In India, the hack happened in the country’s largest city, Bangalore.

As we know, WhatsApp is a global app that allows people to communicate using SMS and MMS. That’s the only way we know what the hack was really about. It is believed that the hackers managed to access the phone number of the WhatsApp users and also their phone numbers.

Well, of course the hackers did that because they were going to spam WhatsApp users with SMS, which is how they can do that. When you send SMSs, they will send a phone number in it. Once you receive the message, you can respond to it by sending the phone number back to them. In the case of the hack, the hackers were able to hack the phones of several million people.

We have to say, they did it right. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networks and one of the most widely used messaging apps. It is always best to keep your messages to yourself. You also don’t need to be a genius to figure out that sending a bunch of random SMSs in the same day isn’t the best way to get your phone buzzing all over the place. In a way, it’s like spamming for your own good.

In the case of the hack, the hackers were able to hack the phones of several million people. We have to say, they did it right.

Unfortunately the hackers seem to have been sloppy, because their attempts to get people’s phone numbers were unsuccessful. However, they did manage to get the information for some of the hacked numbers. Once we get the phone numbers and other info, we’ll make sure to get it posted here.

After the attack, the hackers claim to have found some very interesting evidence that they claim proves the hack has something to do with the upcoming 2020 Olympics. As far as we can tell, the hack comes from a website called “Hindi Olympic Games” and claims to have been launched in India to get people to vote for India to win an event.

This may sound a little outlandish, but we are not sure if it’s worth getting excited about. So far no proof of any official involvement with the Olympics has been found, and we have to say we’re not too impressed with the idea. The best we can do is link to this story and hope it gets some attention.

The story is also full of news that the hack was not a hoax, but was actually created by someone named “Ayan”. According to his twitter profile, he is someone from the Indian “government”. This is definitely not the first thing you’d expect to hear about the Olympics hacking incident.

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