when did virat kohli became captain of india


The fact that he was a captain of India is, in itself, impressive. But to be a captain of India for over a decade, it’s an accomplishment that is hard to comprehend. I mean, there’s an entire team of cricket fans who just collectively and unanimously declared him the best batsman of all time.

Virat Kohli has always been considered the greatest batsman in cricket history, and he’s never been considered a great captain either. When he was captain of India, he brought a new level of professionalism to the game and gave the team the best chance to win. The fact that he is the captain of India for the next decade without a title is testament to his amazing abilities.

Its probably not surprising to say that when captain of India, Virat Kohli was the best batsman in the world. Thats not just because he was a great all-rounder, but also because of his captaincy style, which made him play a lot of shots that were very easy to get. He was a player who knew what to do with the ball, and he used to bowl such balls that they were almost impossible to hit.

He’s one of the greatest batsmen in the world,and he’s also the only one to have won the Test series in just one season. He’s also the second most dangerous bat in the world,after the batsman.

In 2000 he became the captain of the Indian team. He has won the series in 5 times, and has also won the ODI series in 2 times. He has also won the T20 series in 3 times. But even if he hasn’t changed much in his style, he is still considered the best batsman in the world.

Hes actually the only captain who has won all tests, and not just the ODI series. Its also the only captain to have won all tests in one season. Hes also the only captain who has also won the T20 series. He also has the lowest batting average, and the highest Test average, of all captains who have played in more than 3 matches. He has won the most matches in all formats, and has played in all formats more than any captain.

His team India have already won their fifth World Cup, and he has already played in the World Cup. He has a great style of bowling, and his team have a great batting line up. He has won 1 ODI and 5 T20s in one season, and his best individual score in all formats is a century in the T20s.

This was the captain’s first captaincy in 4 years (although he captained the team for 15 months). I could not find a player profile to link to, but I did find a great stat relating to his bowling, courtesy of the cricket research site

Virat Kohli was just the captain of India. He was captain of the Indian team in the team’s maiden ODI series win at home. He won it with an ODI hundred, and his team won the T20 series with a victory, despite losing their captain in the middle.

We may never know for sure, but we do know Kohli is one of the best ODI bowlers of all time. The question is, why is he so good at it? Is it because he bowls with his left hand? Who knows, but it’s a strong indicator of how good bowlers are.

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