your body’s main source of energy is


The most common way to think about this is that our bodies are our selves. Without our bodies, we would have no selves, so as humans we are our bodies. But then again, I could argue we are the most self-aware we’ve ever been. We are aware of our thoughts and beliefs, our emotions and desires, as well as our body and how we feel physically.

Many of us may have developed a better understanding of our own body, and we might be more comfortable if we had more of a body. But as a body, we tend to see ourselves as being more than some of our cells.

Well, that’s what a lot of folks think, but this may not be the case. If our bodies were more than cells, they would be useless and we’d all die on the outside. Our bodies are our selves, and our bodies are more than our cells.

It’s a shame that some folks, who are more comfortable with their bodies than others, can be so literal about what they think their bodies are. They might be better friends with their cells, but they tend to see a body as being, “what this body is.” This is actually a very bad thing. The fact is that our bodies do not care what we think they are, and the things we think they are are not always true.

I’m not sure if this is just a natural human trait, or if it is so ingrained in us that we don’t even realize it. I understand that many people want to be able to control their bodies, but it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. We should be able to control our bodies, but we should also realize that they are still just our bodies.

It’s an important point to note. Many people think that their bodies are some sort of “natural” substance that’s created by the very same chemicals that give us our skin and hair, our brains and hormones and our cells and our bones and all the rest. Although some of these body parts (e.g. the brain) have been given a “more human” makeover, this is merely a cosmetic application to the overall look.

In other words, our bodies are just a collection of cells, DNA, proteins, hormones, and other chemicals. In fact, our bodies are mostly made up of cells that are a little different from those of other animals and that include the brain and many other parts of our body. It is important to realize that we are not the whole of our bodies but rather a small part of it. We are just a tiny part of the larger organism.

We are also not all the same because we are a unique collection of cells and each cell has different genes. However, we all share a set of genes and the body must somehow learn to interact with each of them. This means that the body must learn to communicate with itself, and this involves changing its DNA.

The body is a complex machine that is constantly self-correcting and adjusting to the changes it faces in its environment. However, the brain is the one organ that is constantly updating itself. This means that we, as a part of the body, are constantly changing. We are constantly changing our DNA, our lifestyle, the way we think, and anything else we can think of.

What’s interesting about the human body is that it is a living organism and therefore has all kinds of feedback loops, like an electrical circuit, that help it regulate its functions. For instance, the brain has to keep the blood circulating and the heart working, so that these organs can function properly. The heart, for instance, has to pump blood in and out at a constant rate. And like all living things, the brain is constantly communicating with its surroundings.

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